Monday, 30 November 2015

Salt health benefits

Salt health benefits

Having many health benefits of salt, which have powerful healer & detoxifier it is used blatant your sugar levels which makes food taste amazing, which leads to hypertension program, salt also used to encourage the healthy weight & reduced extra toxins, fast metabolism and also eliminate of cortical levels in your blood it studies reduced sodium diet leads to health issues and salt is control your blood sugar level, control by improving insulin sensitivity on your body, salt is used to increase insulin level in your body and it cure insulin systemic resistance and also it cure asthma attacks, eating salt intake it is used to increase your sleep, your body make pretty good and eat balanced snack at the bed time, which have salted it is used your sleep make good, salt is used to good pH levels in your stomach and which have high in hydrochloric acid and salt is sodium it is used to for good digestion, salt is used to stress relief and improves your sleep quality why because which have low sodium diet, which is used to increase your sleep time & its supports thyroid function, If you drink salt water it is used to increases digestion why because which have high in hydrochloric acid, enzymes which is used to digest you stomach food and make it free.

Health benefits of salt
  • Control diabetes problems and boost your dental health.
  • Salt is used to regulate of water in your around cells.
  • If you take essential salt it prevent hypothyroidism
  • Salt is used to help from cystic fibrosis & diarrhea and also reduces the risk of blood presser, cardiovascular disease
  • If you take salt intake which is used to reduce your heart stroke and makes relief
  • Salt is used to relief muscle cramps and also used to makes your bones strongly.
  • It is very useful for pregnancy ladies in the duration of pregnancy period, which makes and maintain good health for both.
  • Salt maintaining from the electrolyte balance in the humane organ system and keeps your body healthy.
  • Salt is used to control your PH balance
  • It maintains the fluid balance in the body
  • Salt is used to control your PH balance
  • Salt gives you cellular energy level
  • It maintains the fluid balance in the body
Mineral content of 1 table spoon salt

                      Amount     RDI %
Calcium =     1. 44 mg       0%
Iron =          0.0198 mg      0%
Manganese = 0.06 mg        0%
Phosphorous = 0 mg          0%
Sodium =     2325.48 mg  101%
Potassium =   0.48 mg       0%
Zinc =          0.006 mcg      0%
Copper =      0.0018 mg     0%
Manganese = 0.006            0%
Selenium =   0.006 mcg     0%
Fluoride =     0.12 mcg       0%

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Coffee health benefits

Coffee health benefits

Coffee is important thing to everyone life, more than of researchers suggested drinking coffee in everyday, which have several health benefits there are helping reduce diabetes and also control of your liver disease, can you taste it, this very taste to drinking at the morning wakeup time, not only taste and has many health benefits. Regularly drinking coffee, support the your hypothesis, then it is used to reduce the risk of sclerosing cholangitis PSC, reduce immune disease, It is improving your mental sharpness, decreased of developing Alzheimer’s and also used dementia, if you take daily 3 or 4 cups of coffee it is used to reduce dementia problem and also it is very important for alcohol drinkers. Do you want to healthy cardiovascular system, then you mandatory drink coffee it I very useful from that patients, which is maintained cardiovascular disease and that related death problems.

Drinking coffee in the daily basis, it protects against heart failure and keeps your heart healthy and improve your blood circulation, it is used to your weight when you drink coffee then you feel your stomach feel some fulfill at the time you need to small amount of food. According to new study we take 60 member adults in 2months of time period that result is more effective to loss our weight naturally in 30%, at the time they consume twice a day. Drinking coffee two or three cups for day that results is go to reduced the risk of death problems (Risk of aversion), it also control diabetes according to the long term coffee drinkers, it is reduce the risk of developing type-2 diabetes and growing concern. Regularly you consumed coffee it is used to reduce stress, many of the people feel rejuvenated and relief your pain problem internally, it’s have a component of coffee it help pain killers. Coffee plays the major role on cancer protection, it is more effective from type 2 diabetes, and cure from against liver cancer, coffee is used to decrease the risk of liver cancer. In many people, especially the elderly, coffee can improve reaction times and short term recall, male coffee drinkers over the age of 40 run less risk of developing gout.

Health benefits of drinking coffee
Coffee drinkers have a 60% lower risk of lethal prostate cancer than those who abstain.
Increased physical performance
Each additional cup of coffee consumed in a day may confer a 7% reduction in diabetes risk.
Those who consume 3 cups of coffee a day may delay development of this disease by 2 to 4 years.
Decrease Parkinson’s disease
Powerfully use to appetite suppressant
Coffee drinkers have a 20% lower risk of depression.
Cures skin cancer risks
Enhanced your energy levels
Stick black coffee, sweeteners and artificial creamers are the main culprits that give coffee and reputation.
Keep consumption moderate, there 8 ounce cups a day and also boosts antioxidants.
Enables the ability to speak to others before 11 am, it is very used to reduce your fat levels.
Lowers your blood sugar levels

Coffee has high level of antioxidants.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Red Wine has mesmerizing health benefits

Red Wine has mesmerizing health benefits

If you don’t drink now, should you start? Could you take something else instead?
Alcohol is an addictive substance and it is difficult to know how people will use it. The risks of drinking outweigh the benefits, which can help to increase your sleep peacefully, if you are a person at higher risk for heart disease and stroke, drinking one glass of wine per day may be beneficial. One of the important chemicals in wine, resveratrol, is available in supplement form at doses much higher than those found in a glass of wine.

If you drink one glass of red wine with everyday night it is control blood sugar, good sources of inflammation and control diabetes so take little bit of red wine every day night time.
A moderate amount of alcohol is defined as 3.9 drinks per week, spread throughout the course of the week. Studies in hormones show that drinking a moderate amount of red wine may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke; this decreased risk may be due to a chemical called resveratrol that is naturally found in the skin of the skin of the grapes used to make red wine. Studies in mice show that very high boses of resveratrol can increase survival and decrease the the incidence of diseases that are prevalent in the early, It is actually proven to be good for your health; it is reduced low cholesterol levels, reduce of heart disease, burn your more fat. Should you drink more red wine it prevents tooth decay, reduce bacteria and also reduce gum diseases, red wine contains high in antioxidants which is used to keep your bones strong, lines and wrinkles.

Health benefits of Red Wine

Rich in diuretic properties boosts resistance to allergens
Protect your arteries against saturated fat thanks to the most powerful antioxidant
Protect your heart against cardiovascular disease
Prettier and younger antioxidants slow aging and help you reduce your fine lines and wrinkles
Live longer happier, protecting you from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
Helps to prevent diabetes and hypertension
Lower the risk of breast cancer, contains guercetin which prevents lung cancer, prevent the growth of cancerous cells
Studies show wine drinkers live longer than beer and spirits drinkers
Harden your enamel to prevent tooth decay and reduce gum inflammation

Lower the risk of breast cancer, contains guercetin which prevents lung cancer, prevents the growth of cancerous cells

Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to get pinky lips in naturally

How to get pinky lips in naturally

Lips are one of the best & important part in your face to give huge expressions. Commonly different type of causes for dark lips UV rays, smoking, dust allergies, drink more coffee and etc. lips are very sensitive compare with other your body parts so take many of care on your lips and protect. If you do not take care properly your lips can become dark, dull & black. If you want to get pink and soft your lips naturally so follow these given tips.

Gently scrubbing your lips with your tooth brush, it is one of the best way to get pink lips in naturally, do this scrub daily twice before going your bed time and before botching in the morning after that you get soft and shiny lips without any costly cosmetics.
Use sugar scrub to make shiny& soft lips, sugar has high in exfoliate this is used improve your lips color.
Avoid cosmetics on your lips like chemical used lipsticks
Doing massage your lips in daily basis, it is a very good for getting pink your lips naturally, take almond oil apply on your lips gently massage with fingers softly at before sleep time in night and after wakeup time in the morning, and also massage your lips with the almond oil it is also used moisturized lips and getting soft.
Honey is also used to make lighten your lips, apply raw honey on your lips over night in every day then you got a good result.

Ghee is very useful to getting your lips very soft and shining, apply ghee on your lips before going to bed that is used get pink lips and rub with the cotton ball.
Moisturized your lips in daily basis with the petroleum jelly it is used to protect your lips from the UV rays, it is used to get soft shiny lips, if you use cocoa butter on lips it is also good remedy for getting pink lips.
Use Strawberry lip balm to get naturally shiny lips mix strawberry paste with the little bit of petroleum jelly then apply on your lips it is used to reduce darkness and improve your lips color naturally.
Pomegranate seeds are very useful to your lips, grind pomegranate with mix with milk then apply your lips and stay for 15 minutes, clean after dry this then you find out the good result.
One important thing some of the people lick our lips, when you lick lip then lips is going to dark and rough so avoid licking lips, then automatically your lips going to naturally shiny.  
Beet Root juice is very useful to get pink lips and also which have purple color it is used to reduce lips darkness and make your lips shiny.
Ice cubes also used make your lips shiny, take ice cube and massage with the cubes on your lips this is used to increase blood circulation in lips then lips going to pink color naturally
Avoid smoking, when you smoking then your lips going dark and dull.

How to get soft and silky hair naturally

How to get soft and silky hair naturally

So many people like and want to get silky hair, but the point is get silky hair for the naturally. If you have dry & brittle hair follows this step of tips and gets soft& silky hairs naturally.

First one eating healthy food this is the right choice to get healthy hair, eat more nutritious food it will help to improve hair growth and keeps your hair healthy & silky, different types of nutrient food or vegetables there are listed below like see food, green vegetables, boiled egg, milk and nuts add this type of food in your diet, this diet food is used to help reduce your hair fall and re - growth your hair, this diet is used to purify your blood which can help reduce hair fall and dandruff. Drink plenty of water it is used to make your hair healthy and shiny.

Use oil massage gently on your scalp this is very mandatory on, twice or thrice a week for men& women both, this remedy is used gets soft & silky hair naturally. If u do oil massage on scalp which is used to improve your blood circulation and stimulate natural oils from scalp then you get smooth and shining your hair. Take coconut oil in a bowl and simply heat them and massage on your scalp gently using fingers it is used to control hair fall.

Use cold water on your hair to head bath, this is used to conditioned hair and also this helps moisture then gives you soft and silky hair naturally. When your hair light wet at the time apply conditioner gently then you feel healthy hair.

White vinegar is very important thing to get soft & silky hair naturally, apply vinegar to your head and wait for 10 minutes then washes it with the cold water, this is used to remove oily& dull scalp, and it is use conditioning treatment. Take egg white & olive oil, apply this material on your scalp that is used conditioner your scalp and hair.

Use lemon juice on your scalp and get silky hair, take table spoon fresh lemon juice with egg white on a bowl and mix this two integrates gently then apply on your hair stay 10 to 15 minutes then wash it cleanly with the mild shampoo. This remedy is used to get you soft hair.

Make a fresh onion with the bowl and mix fresh lemon juice then apply this paste on your scalp, leave it on 30 minutes after wash this with mild shampoo. This remedy is used improve blood circulations on your scalp.

Yoghurt gives best protein substitutes for your hair, use & applies this 15 minutes yoghurt on your scalp it is used to get silky hair.

Banana is gives to nutrients and proteins to your hair that make hair strong and silky. Mix egg, banana apply it on your scalp & hair for about 30 minute then wash it with the mild shampoo.

Apply castor oil on your hair and scalp and do massage gently with the fingers 3 minutes then leave it for 15 minutes. use this remedy for weekly once and notice the result.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How to get soft & smoothie skin

How to get soft & smoothie skin

Men& women all are interested about soft and smooth skin, if you have rough, patchy skin? So why are late follow these tips and get soft& glowing skin and these steps are used to reduce pimples, wrinkles, and blemishes problems.

Different type of creams, moisturizers, lotions, face washes are available in markets in high expansive but these products are not good to your skin why because this all things high in chemicals, which is damaged your natural skin and some creams are very useful but that is very expansive that’s why we are all take natural beauty tips lets follow these tips and get soft and glowing skin.

Water is very important to get your skin soft, drink plenty of water daily it is used to get smooth and glowing skin, this more water helps to and remove your body toxins & waste and also take fruits& vegetables plenty of amount daily, wash your face daily two times it used to get a soft skin. Drink high amount of lemon juice it is used to cleanse your skin and remove spots &scars, remove dead skin cells then your skin go to smooth& fresh. Take fresh lemon juice and apply this on your face and leave it 10 or 15 minutes then clean with warm water this is used make your skin softly and also have one another face tip with lemon, take a cup of lemon juice with the 1 egg white and apply this paste on your face stay 15 minutes then clean with the light warm water follow these tip twice a week then you defiantly got soft skin. Tomatoes are used to skin toner and it can also help remove dark marks and pimples, grind fresh tomato, take this paste and apply on your face stay it 15 minutes after remove this when you feel dry this. Honey is also used to got your skin smoothie, this is a very simple tip to got good& soft skin, apply honey your face leave it 10 minutes then wash your face with cool water and do this tip twice a when then you got soft and shiny skin without any side effects and also have 2nd Honey tip, mix egg white with honey and apply this paste 20 minutes on your face.

Use tea tree oil remove acne and kill that type of bacteria, some peoples has oily skin and acne problems this is good remedy for who have these type problems. Aloe Vera is wonderful natural ingredient to got soft skin, these Aloe Vera is used to reduces your wrinkles apply this gel on your face daily it is used moisturize your skin gently.
Carrot also leads the important role of getting soft & glowing skin, which have high in Vitamin C and antioxidants eat one raw carrot on your daily basis it It is used to glowing your skin, soften skin and improve your skin healthy and also carrots have anti – aging properties that’s why we suggested this natural tips let’s hope your follow this tips.

Kale leaf having awesome health benefits

Kale leaf having awesome health benefits

Kale provides different type of health benefits like maintaining strong bones, control hair damages, keeps your skin healthy; improve your digestion and controlling risk of heart diseases why because which have low in calorie, high in fiber with the zero fat, kale has high in iron which is good for health that is used to giving healthy oxygen to you, kale has high in vitamin K it protect from the different type of cancers and also used to Alzheimer’s disease, improving your blood glucose levels, control diabetics, control the risk of cancer, blood pressure, keeps your bone healthy, and asthma.

Kale has an antioxidant, which is used increase insulin sensitivity and prevent oxidative stress in patients with diabetes and it’s have fiber& sulfur these are great for detoxifying your body and makes your liver healthy and kale cure heart problems like cardiovascular disease, reduce their risk of heart disease why because which have high in potassium if you take potassium it is used to reduce your heart stroke, it is also used to bones stamina and its cure kidney stones. Kale has high in fiber it is used to improve your digestion part and which have high in iron it is also used to controlling your hair fall.
Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, which means that it is rich in compounds called glucosinolates that separate them from other vegetables and these compounds kill carcinogens before they can damage our DNA, and prevent healthy cells from turning into cancerous cells. It provides a compressive support for the body’s natural detox system. New research shows that isothiocyanates (ITCs) found in kale can help regulate detox at a genetic level and also kale proving different type of vitamins & minerals there are vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and dietary fiber. Kale is play to the role of body's detoxification which is used to activate our skin cells.

Health benefits of Kale

  • It is very used loss your weight and also reduced fat levels
  • Keeps your skin healthy
  • Which have high antioxidants, and also high in proteins
  • It is used to anti- inflammatory, helps to boosts your immune system
  • It is very helps to activate detoxifying enzymes on your liver, increase your metabolism
  • It is very helpful for pregnancy ladies during the pregnancy period
  • Its improve your sleeping time
  • Great for eye vision
  • Kale used to make your heart healthy  
  • Which have high in phytonutrients, rich fiber content, high protein, folic acid, magnesium& manganese, potassium, phosphorous, iron, and Vitamins A, K, B6&C, which protects from the muscle degeneration?

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Drumstick dynamic health benefits

Drumstick dynamic health benefits

Having many health benefits of drumstick, which have loaded with valuable vitamins & minerals, good proteins mainly minerals are use to very good for your health. Many of the people are doing different types of cooking with the drumstick like sambar, fry and curry and many more, which have good taste in naturally and also giving to good health purposes there are listed below.

Drumstick have rich amounts of nutrients, minerals, vitamins & dietary fiber, these are used many health purposes like Rich in oleic acid, which is used to reduce fat levels in your body, rich in vitamin C it is used to reduce from the asthma problems and reduces common cold. Drumstick is used to build your bones very strongly & strength and has high in calcium, vitamins& iron, which makes healthy bones if you take drumstick curry and sambar either regular basis it is use to bone density and also have many benefits in drumstick. Drumstick also used to purifies your blood, which make healthy blood & control cells levels in blood almost all of green vegetables have good property like bold purifying and reducing skin problems why because which have antibiotic agent. It is used to control blood sugar levels, Maringa leaves is reduced your blood glucose levels, helps controlling diabetes and it used to turn helps to lower sugar levels and also it is solves many problems like cough& congestion, anti-inflammatory properties etc and it helps to relieving a respiratory, it is good to control against asthma. Drumstick are good for pregnant women, if you take drumsticks your diet it is used to delivery problem during the pregnancy period and it is also increasing the milk production after delivery and it is also protects from infections like antibacterial, preventing a wide infections and skin, which have high in vitamin C it is used to boosts your immune activity and helps free radicals. Drumstick and Maringa leaves are rich in vitamin B, which is play the key role of digestion and these vitamins regulates the digestive process, helping the clear your stomach problems and also eliminating gas problems. All are know this is also used improve your sexual health why because which have rich in zinc that is used to increases mood levels. Drumstick have minerals, magnesium, calcium, manganese and iron, which is used to make your bones strengthen and mineral iron control from anemia and gives you good oxygen levels.

Health benefits of drumstick
  • Drumstick is used to reduce your cold, and also flu.
  • This makes strong bones
  • It is very good for pregnant women and increases milk levels during the after pregnancy
  • It is used to avoid infections
  • Cures from the stomach eliminates

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Oranges having many health advantages

Oranges having many health advantages

Oranges use many health benefits there are Herperdin’s in oranges help low blood pressure and folate protects strokes and cardiovascular disease, oranges have high vitamin C, it helps prevent ulcers and fiber ensures a healthy colon and high vitamin C content helps to steer away nasty bugs, bacteria & viruses prevents colds, flues & ear infections, and its controlling cholesterols like contain limonene, which helps reduce LDL, or bad cholesterol, helps prevent kidney stones & efficient filtering of toxins and orange is used anti cancer studies have shown cancer-risk reductions in over 40-50% of individuals who consumed citrus fruits, contain potent anti-carcinogens to prevent proliferation of cancerous cells. Oranges have must vitamins and minerals that’s why this is keep your skin very soft and problem-free, rich in alkaline minerals to help balance your body PH. Oranges help prevent free-radical damage, which normally triggers the inflammatory cascade and loaded with caroteniods, oranges help prevent night blindness & macular degeneration. Packed with fiber to promote healthy digestion and its have full of folate it is used to form red blood cells. Oranges, as well as all other acidic fruits have an alkaline effect in the digestive system, stimulating digestive your stomach and which have polyphonies, a type of antioxidants reduces the inflammation and effectively combat viruses and other bacteria. 

Oranges has rich in vitamin C it protects from genetic damage and birth defects and Oranges contain high in vitamin B6 it is used to improve your mood, your brain makes very happier. Oranges has much in fiber, which is used digestion part regular and it very good for weight loss, protect against obesity, high blood pressure and stroke and also protect blood sugar levels. Oranges has great source of magnesium and mineral it is used to makes a healthy bones, high potassium it is protect supports from you blood. Oranges has rich in healing properties associated with variety of phytonutrient compounds there are anthocyanins, flavonoids, hydroxycinnamic acids, polyphenols, and vitamin C, these vitamin C is used to improve your immune system and giving to the antioxidant your body and also protect your skin cells. Vitamin C is helps keep your kin glowing and fight against skin damages UV rays and pollution, reduce wrinkles, vitamin C is used to free radical of inflammatory conditions, reduces you fat levels and cure rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and osteoarthritis problems and also oranges have rich in vitamin A, which is used vision why because nutrient contains lutein, beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, which can help your eyes absorb light.

 Health benefits of oranges

  • Prevents formation of kidney stones
  • Supports the production of hemoglobin
  • Lowers high blood pressure
  • Promotes healthy body tissues
  • Reduces mucus secretion from the nose
  • Prevents constipation
  • Contains a high amount of vitamin C
  • Help to built strong bones and teeth
  • Prevents rheumatoid arthritis
  • Promotes proper digestion
  • Heart disease
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Cancer prevention
  • Reduces your body cholesterols
  • Orange peels are good for skin; it improves healthy hair and skin
  • Repair damaged sperms
  • Strong source of vitamin c
  • Reduce stomach ulcer, diabetes management
  • Stroke prevention, helps with disease of the respiratory tract
  • Protects the health of the cardiovascular system

Fish health benefits

 Fish health benefits

Fish is thought to protect the heart because eating less saturated fat and more omega – 3 can help to lower the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood – two fats that, in excess, increase the risk of heart disease. Omega 3 fats also have natural built in antioxidants, which are thought to stop the thickening and damaging of artery walls and if u take regularly fish oil it is used to reduce the risk of arrhythmia, sudden heart attacks and also heart problems.

Only few single foods can be as nutritious as wild salmon and can make such a positive impact on your health. With about 146 calories for a 3 oz serving and all its health benefits, it is the super food of choice. Countless studies have shown that omega 3 fatty acids in wild salmon lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the good ones (HDL), repair heart damage, prevent hardening of arteries, help with cognitive function, prevent cancer, reduce inflammation and much more. Did you know? Wild Alaskan salmon is one of the purest fish in the ocean. It is recommended by the EPA, FDA & the Alaska division of public health. DHA helps maintain normal brain function and normal vision, which contains high levels of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from oily fish. Ideal for fitness due to high EPA & DHA levels plus the cardiovascular; vitamin D contributes to normal bone development, muscle development, immunity and normal cell division.  

Health benefits of eating fish

  • Promote heart health and it can help reduce of heart disease
  • Decreases your blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improving your blood circulations and metabolism
  • Improve arthritis and joint pain
  • Lessen symptoms of depression and attention your deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Support eye health
  • Promotes growth and developing of muscles and body
  • Enhance brain growth and development
  • Aid brain growth in unborn babies, infants and kids
  • Decrease the risk for certain cancers like breast and kidney
  • Reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lock moisture into skin cells and helps to strengthen cell membranes
  • Encourage production of collagen & elastin fibers
  • Provide nourishment to hair follicles
  • Preventing hair loss
  • Treats acne
  • Promotes healthy skin and hair and against kidney infections
  • Reduces depression
  • Boost your immune system and energy levels

Medical benefits of fish
  • Add fish for healthy diet
  • Fish is low fat high quality protein
  • A doctor recommends eating fish at least twice of a week as part of a healthy diet.
  • Fish is having high in nutrients, proteins & vitamins it is used lower blood pressure and help reduce the risk from heart attacks.
  • Fish has high in omega 3 acids it is used to the risk of cancer and arthritis.

Nutrient fact of fish
Protein 60%, fat 10%, calories 9%, vitamin B2 181%, niacin 53%, vitamin a 50%, selenium 67%, phosphorus 33%, magnesium 16%

Friday, 20 November 2015

Exercise Health miracles

Exercise Health miracles

Many of the people do to gym then we are all improve cardiovascular health and build muscle and it is used improve your brain stamina that’s why many of the doctors suggest this, when human do exercises like cycling, walking, running pushups etc then all defiantly get healthy fitness. This exercise is reducing your stress levels and its increases concentrations and also exist your mental tension and keeps your mind freshly.  Exercise is used to improve your self-confidence and also physical fitness, decrease fat and weight. Physical activity stimulates burn your fat levels and serotonin that help you feel more relief, it boosts good cholesterol and decreases your body weight and solve your heart problems and increase your oxygen levels.

Benefits of exercise
Lifts your mood, improves learning ability, builds self- esteem, keeps your brain fit, keeps your body fit & able, boosts mental health, boosts your immune system, reduces stress, makes you feel happier, has anti- aging effects, improves skin tone and color, improves muscle strength, improves sleeping patterns, helps prevent strokes, improves joint function, alleviates anxiety, sharpens memory, helps to control addictions, boosts productivity, boosts creative thinking, improves body image, gives you confidence, helps you keep focused in life, improves eating habits, increases longevity, strengthens your bones, strengthens your heart, improves posture, prevents colds, improves appetite, improves cholesterol levels, lowers risk of (certain) cancers, lowers high blood pressure, lowers risk of diabetes, fights dementia, eases back pain, decreases osteoporosis risk, reduces feelings of depression, prevents muscle loss, increases energy and endurance, increases sports performance, increases pain resistance, improves balance & coordination, helps with self control, improves oxygen supply to cells, improves concentration, lessens fatigue, increases sex drive & satisfaction, makes life more exciting, improves quality of life, helps with weight maintenance or loss, improve bone health, improve functional ability, steroids can cause an increase in bone loss, improves self esteem and body image, reduces inflammation, reduce anxiety and depression, reduces the risk of stroke, reduces the risk of dying prematurely.

  • Reduces body fat
  • Increases lifespan
  • Oxygenates body
  • Strengthens muscles
  • Manages chronic pain
  • Ward off viruses
  • Reduces diabetes risk
  • Strengthen heart
  • Clears arteries
  • Boosts mood
  • Reduces cancer risk
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system
  • Decreases stress
  • Detoxifies body
  • Improves complexionStrengthens bones
  • Maintains mobility
  • Improves memoryImproves coordination
  • Strengthen bones

Top health secretes of chocolate

Top health secretes of chocolate 

Chocolates having many health benefits to everyone eating some amounts of chocolate can lower your risk of heart failure, particularly if you are older women, flavonoids can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, improve blood flow to the brain and heart and lower your risk for a blood clot and chocolate is help to female to our sexual functioning, who bring chocolate daily she will scored higher on the female sexual function, dark chocolate is actually good for your skin which have antioxidants and flavonoids its used to protect your skin with UV rays. Chocolate is used to decreases your chance of a blood clot that could lead to heart attack or stroke, this is used to your mind because it reduces stress hormones and boosts the release of dopamine (and tastes freak in awesome), it is used to decrease inflammation and also research indicates that people who have a little bit every day have lower BMIs than those who don’t. Dark chocolate can make you happier because it contains phenyl ethylamine, which is the same chemical your brain creates when you feel like you’re falling in love. Dark chocolate is high in vitamins and minerals, containing potassium, containing potassium, copper, magnesium and iron. Protects your brain, improves memory and cognition, lifts “brain for” and cocoa slows free radical damage in gum tissues. Chocolate is helps to lose your weight, when you take 20 minutes before a meal then it send to massage my stomach are full fill to your brain system and this chocolates are very use for mother and babies and also it is used for diabetes.

Chemical secrets of chocolate
Several substances found in chocolate are linked with mood enhancing brain chemicals.
A mild stimulate that causes mood elevating effects, a messenger molecule associated with natural highs similar to the effects of cannabis, a raw material that helps the brain make serotonin, which promotes feelings of well being, the well known stimulate that acts on the central nervous system, a substance popularly dubbed the ‘love chemical’ associated with feelings of attraction and excitement.

Health benefits of chocolates
Many of the researches and studies have shown flavanoids in dark chocolate are effective in:

  • Magnesium helps digestive, neurological, and cardiovascular systems
  • Boosts mood by increasing endorphin production and serotonin levels
  • Regulates blood sugar by helping your cells use the body’s insulin efficiently
  • Provides iron, copper, manganese, dietary fiber, and calcium
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol lifting depression
  • Providing anti – aging effects
  • Serving as a natural stimulant
  • It is used to get weight
  • To improve digestion and elimination
  • To stimulate kidneys
  • Improve your bowel function
  • To improve your memory power
  • To reduce the effects of anemia
  • To increase appetite
  • To eliminate mental fatigue
  • To aid in the symptoms and discomfort of influenza
  • To aid in symptoms of tuberculosis
  • To reduce fever
  • To alleviate gout symptoms
  • To help pass kidney stones
  • To increase sexual drive
  • To energize and stimulate
  • Prevent antioxidant
  • Low glycemic index
  • Cancer prevention
  • Filling to prevent overeating
  • Reduces symptoms of glaucoma & cataracts

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Dragon fruit health advantages

Dragon fruit health advantages

Dragon fruit has many amazing health benefits identified that the red dragon fruit has more nutrients than white, did you know dragon fruit (dragon fruits, pitaya, and hylocoreus) is quite rich variety of vitamins and mineral nutrients that can help improve endurance and metabolism. According to the study of honey dragon fruit is very good for digestion and blood circulation, and they responded very well to reduce the emotional stress and neutralize toxins in the body. It may also prevent colon cancer and lowering blood fat. Red – color / purple natural colors found in red dragon fruit nourishes “Anthocyanins” that control heart rate and slow aging (youthful) and black beans also have “albumen” help digestion which is able to collect waste food in the stomach, producing toxic and excess minerals in the stomach. Presence of vitamin C also would have mencantik and lighten the skin. And of course the dragon fruit is free from any poison honey because it uses a system of fully organic crops. Also known as pitaya or pitahaya, is native to South America but is now also grown in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Dragon fruit has high in vitamin B1, which better carbohydrate metabolism, B2 vitamins for recovery appetite problems, and B3 is used to reduce your bad cholesterol and glow your skin condition. Dragon fruit protect and prevent lesion of brain cells (prevention of dementia), reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis heart disease, natural high antioxidants free radical scavenging and anti aging, strengthen the immune system to prevent bacteria and virus attacks, improve gastrointestinal motility and constipation it helps detoxification and slimming. Promote blood circulation and improve cold hands and feet and also prevention of anemia, protection of gastric it colorectal cancer prevention and promotes gastrointestinal nutrient absorption.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruit
Great source of calcium & phosphorous which work together to improve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis.
Incredibly high in fiber for optimal digestive health, it aids in weight loss via improvement of metabolic rate.
Prevent cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol & reduce high blood pressure.
Dragon fruit has much in vitamin B, it used the healthy nerve cells.
Which has high in antioxidants and it works against free radicals; make your skin tighter & young look.
Dragon fruit has high in vitamin A, it gives cretonne to you for proper color vision and prevention of height blind problems.
Dragon fruit has high in vitamins & minerals, which used reduce inflammations, brushes and scraps and irritation and also this use glowing skin.
It provide to improve your immunity and prevent & illness.
Dragon fruit has much in phytoalbumins, an antioxidant that prevents cancer prevention.
Dragon fruit has high in fiber, which used digest part and it use weight loss.
Contains vitamin B3 which lowers LDL and it raises your HDL cholesterol levels

Helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents insulin spikes and use to produce red cells.

Awesome health benefits of coconut oil

Awesome health benefits of coconut oil

Balance you cholesterol, has a high smoke point, which prevents harmful carcinogens, energize the brain, energize the heart, treat Alzheimer’s disease, prevents sickness so you don’t miss workouts, ease irritable bowel syndrome, increase nutrient absorption, can increase your energy level and helping you burn more fat, energize the brain, can help you lose fat, especially the dangerous fat in your abdominal cavity, fight colds and flu, kill harmful pathogens, kills your hunger, making you eat less without even trying, clear up skin conditions, moderate appetite, energize the brain, treat ulcers, protects arteries from injury that causes, helps to protect your breast cancers, improves digestion and your bowel function, it give natural balance of your skin, coconut oil is very soothing and the natural aroma of coconut is also very soothing and it apply to the head then gently massage your scalp it help to remove mental fatigue, it is used anti hair fall and increase your scalp condition.
Research shows that coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids accurate that stimulates metabolism, gives you more energy, it is rich in lauric acid which protects your heart by reducing total cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Uses of coconut oil
  • To cook with instead of vegetable or seed oils
  • As an eye make-up remover, in your coffee/tea instead of soap
  • To brush your teeth (toothpaste recipe on website), as
  • For oil pulling
  • As a body moisturizer
  • As a sun – screen
  • As a hair conditioner
  • As a natural remedy for diaper your rash
  • To add to protein shake to you
  • As a supplement
  • To relieve itching from bug bites
  • To help lower high blood pressure
  • As a massage oil
  • To lessen the damaging effects of dementia
  • In a cough syrup
  • In a sore throat cure
  • To treat for lice
  • In a homemade natural deodorant
  • To heal wounds
  • To promote hair re growth
  • To make your own cuticle oil
  • To reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • To reduce scars
  • As a lip balm
  • To stop nose bleeds
  • To enhance nutrient absorption
  • To treat for lice
  • To soften cracked heels
  • To improve your memory
  • To fuel your workouts
  • As a hair serum
  • To improve osteoporosis
  • To prevent nose bleeds
  • To relieve sun – burn
  • As a testosterone booster
  • To improve your memory
  • To soften cracked heels
  • To make lotion bars
  • To build more muscle
  • As a buttery spared
  • To make soap
  • As a testosterone booster
  • As a glaze on cold desserts
  • To make laundry detergent
  • As first aid
  • To kill off Candida yeast growth
  • To season cast iron pans
  • To get hemorrhoid relief
  • To help cure small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • To improve Parkinson disease
  • To remove stretch marks
  • To decrease an insulin spike
  • To condition wooden cutting
  • As a shaving cream
  • To stimulate your thyroid
  • To make a nourishing hair mask
  • To remove chewing gum from hair
  • To bake with in place of butter
  • To make an after shave cream
  • To clean and restore leather
  • As an ingredient for making to coconut butter
  • To make salt scrub
  • To make good healthy mayo
  • In a natural vapor rub