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Amla’s health secretes

Amla’s health secretes 

Amla have high in vitamin C low calorie antimutagenic reduces intraocular tension good for anima reduces hair growth strengthens heart muscle antibacterial anti-inflammatory strengthens nails promotes lean muscle mass use for diarrhea & dysentery relief for hyper hydria improves appetite anti aging properties supports liver function balances cholesterol increase red blood cell production nourishes the brain protects against UVB radiation.
Amla juice is a natural home remedy for curing burning urine problem, the Indian gooseberry is also considered as an ayurvedic cure dor urinary infections. This fruit is helpful in eliminating bodily toxins by increasing the flow of urine. Indian gooseberry juice is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, drink at least 60 ml of this juice every with. About 60ml of this juice mixed with about 30gm of honey is sufficient for a single dose.

Amla’s health benefits
Amla fruit has number of health benefits on respiratory tract system etc. it is richest source of vitamin C and contains other vitamins and minerals also, it takes care of all the ailments and improves eye sight, and it is an effective laxative with haritaki and babhitaki (triphala). The active constitute of group of tannins derived from galic and ellagic acids, these help to enhance immunity, it is an excellent source of vitamin C (vitamin C helps the white blood cells perform their function of responding quickly to infections), amla is a great source of antioxidants (research has shown that it has high contant of tannis and polyphenols that makes it a potent antioxidant that fights harmful free radicals), it is good for digestion (helps the body to absorb and assimilate nutrients from the food we eat, it also helps reduce hyperacidity, it strengthens the liver and helps flush out toxins from the body.

  • Amla is a very powerful antioxidant agent
  • Amla the richest natural source of vitamin C
  • Amla juice taken with honey provides longevity
  • Amla is very useful in controlling blood sugar leval
  • Drink Amla juice for getting a clear and beautiful skin
  • This juice is very effective in treating peptic ulcers and acidity
  • Amla juice has the power to fight cancers and improve immunity
  • One small Amla is equals to 2 Oranges if compared with vitamin C
  • Eating Amla murabba daily, in the morning, lowers the blood pressure
  • Regular use of Amla juice rejuvenates and restores the vitality of the body
  • Take 30 ml of amla juice and local application on scalp helps to control hair loss
  • Amla juice taken with honey improves eyesight, nearsightedness and cataract.

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