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Beauty tips for men

Beauty tips for men

Commonly men’s are doing dry shaving, using a dull blade or shaving with too little cream can scrape burn and irritate skin. Loosen your bread with hot water, and then apply a moisturizer before applying shaving cream. The moisturizer absorbs into the skin, while shaving foams generally sit on top. Apply shaving cream and shave using short strokes to ensure more blade coverage and a smoother shave. Rinse with lukewarm water, the rinse in cold water to tighten skin. Follow with an after shave lotion (rather than a cologne) to cool any burning.

And also use trimmer to trim to your shave hair thrice of the month, thrice of shaving with riser. It is really work greatly and remove the rough hair and you’re got the soft hair. After shaving attack the pimples on the face commonly for dust and pollution so take care of pimples, used anti pimples cream or home remedies and stop them.

Massage your beard with lotion for a close, comfortable shave. This self foaming face cream contains anti-inflammatory agents that soothe irritated skin.

Begin your routine with pre-shaving oil or exfoliating shaving product. Pre-shaving oils soften hair and allow razors to glide more smoothly across the skin, reducing razor burn and irritation. Exfoliating products reduce the possibility of ingrown hairs by lifting the hair follicles. Finish with a post-shaving product from soft skin to restore moisture and clam irritated skin. Applying a post-shaving product also helps prevent the skin from future ingrown hairs.

How to shave for smooth skin

The key to a wet shave is keeping your face wet with warm water at all times. This will open up your pores and soften your stubble, preparing it for a clean and smooth shave. So after a nice, warm shower, let your face stay wet. Then fill your skin with hot water while simulating soaking your shaving brush in that hot water then get small amount of shaving soap or cream (amount will vary by how much shaving you need to but a nickel sized amount is a good to do start) into a small bowl and swirl to create a lather with your damp brush, use the brush to then apply in gentle circular motions on your face until the area to be shaved is covered in a generous layer. The key to a close, smooth shave is to use slow and careful strokes without pressing into your skin. When using a double-edge or straight razor using a lighter touch will be safer and more effective. On the first pass, you should shave in the same direction that your whiskers grow if you missed a spot, don’t scrape-just get it on the next pass. Rinse, lather up, and repeat as necessary. Rinse your face with cold water as it closes up the pores. If you small nicks, cuts or razor burns, you can use an alum block-an all-natural astringent-while rinsing to heal and alleviate your skin. After rinsing, pat your face dry and apply an alcohol free aftershave balm or lotion. 

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