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Health Benefits of Grapes

Health Benefits of Grapes

Grapes extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed.
Nearly 12000 people will die of head and neck cancer in the united states this year and worldwide cases will exceed half a million.

A study published this week in the joumal carcinogenesis shows that in both cell lines and mouse models, grape seed extract (GSE) kill head and neck squamous cell carcinoma cells, while leaving healthy cells unharmed.
“It’s a rather dramatic effect” says Rajesh Agarwal, Phd, Investigator at the university of Colorado center and professor at the Skaggs school of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Health benefits of grapes for human include supply of anti oxidants, protection of nervous system, acts as a natural laxative, easy to digest, remedy for the health.
Grapes have been known for their medicinal and nutritional value for thousands of years. They can be consumed as fresh fruit, red wine, grape juice, dry fruit and concentrated supplements such as resveratrol and Grape Seed Extract (GSE) they act as protectors of many body structures in their roles as potent anti oxidants and anti inflammatory. Grapes are rich minerals such as potassium and manganese (Heart health, immunity, better mood) and also have vitamin C, A and B.
Two types of Red Varieties of grapes

Garnacha: this variety is the most cultivated Mediterranean grape worldwide. It makes excellent red and rose wines that benefit from thick and sensual tannins. If the grapes are cultivated in poor soils, with low yields, the red wines can attain a power and expression that stunning, hence wines made from garnacha are so sought after.

Merlot: A noble international variety, grown in our middle penedesvineyards. It has small berries, of very dark blue colour, medium thick skins and sugary pulp. It produces excellent varietal wines, characterized by their finesse, their elegance and their fine and velvety tannis.  

Health benefits of grapes

  • Migraine: home remedy for migraine is ripe grape juice. Should be taken pure (no of additional water) early in the morning
  • Blood Cholesterols: Grapes help lower the cholesterols level. Skin preventsthe absorption of cholesterol by binding with it
  • Brain health: Grapes can enhance brain health and delay the onset of neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Kidney disorders: Grapes reduce the acidity of the uric acid and help eliminate the acid from the system thus reducing the pressure of the kidneys
  • Heart diseases: Grapes increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood which prevents blood cloths thus reducing heart attack incidents. Antioxidants in grapes prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which blocks the blood vessels
  • Some of the phyto nutrients found in grapes have been shown to promote longevity
  • Full of vitamin K for preventing heart disease and aiding in helping our blood clot normally
  • Contain vitamin C to keep immune system strong
  • A good source of emerging vitamin B1  
  • Rich in iron
  • Prevent dyspepsia
  • Therapeutic the value for asthama
  • Reduce the acidity of the uric acid
  • Anti bacterial and antiviral properties
  • Reduce risk of cataracts and improve visio
  • Anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties
  • Reseveratrol reduces risk of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Purple grapes contain lingams that can help prevent breast cancer
  • Pterostilbene and Saponin help lower cholesterol level

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