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Amazing health benefits to drinking beer

Amazing health benefits to drinking beer

Beer has great vitamin mix, high amounts of vitamin B and vitamin C and it also has some amounts of magnesium, potassium, selenium and biotin this all good for the body, reduces the risk of developing a kidney stone by 41%. Beer prevent heart strokes like blood clots block arteries in several places around your heart & brain and when these arteries are blocked, the consequence is a stroke, it prevents formation of these clots. Beer is good for cognitive function the moderate amounts of beer weekly can improve the cognitive function in people but mostly women and beer reduces the heart attack risk, moderate consumption reduces the risk of heart disease by 40% to 60%. Beer has high levels of silicon, it helps to strengthen the bones and aids in increasing the bone density. Beer is proven to effectively lower the blood sugar levels in the blood sugar levels in the people who drink it; the moderate consumption reduces the chance to develop diabetes by 25%.

Fresh beer can actually lower the risk of developing kidney stones by 40% in men, sipping on carbohydrate beer can actually help in soothing up a stomach ache and studies have shown that a beer everybody can keep Alzheimer or dementia at bay.
Like any alcohol, beer provides cardiovascular benefits by increasing good cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart attack by 30%. It can also help prevent blood clots and is believed to increase insulin sensitivity which can reduce the risk of diabetes. Beer is full of carbohydrates and fiber, it many grains are high in soluble fiber and have which lowers cholesterol. The silicon in certain grains can help improve bone strength.
Beer that contains a high amount of water can help lower the risk of kidney stones and even bladder cancer. The yeast in beer offers protein, a small amount of B vitamins and potassium. It also supports your immune system and protects against some forms of cancer. When used in enough quantity, hops offer some benefits of antioxidants.

Calories of beer
335 ml = 109 calories
375 ml = 124 calories
750 ml = 248 calories
4 liters = 1320 calories

Health benefits of drinking beer

Helps increase urination, aids digestion, helps prevent anemia, effective in fighting cancer, reduces risk of gallstones and kidney stones, moderate intake reduces prevalence of type 2 diabetes, reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps increase bone density, reduces stress and facilitates sleep, brain reduce the number of silent infarcts, increase HDL, decreases thrombosis, increase fibrinolysis, increases coronary blood flow.

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