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Health uses of bottle gourd

Health uses of bottle gourd

If you take bottle gourd juice which has high water content and these are providing an exclusive cooling to your body its generally consumed many of the people during the summer season as its reduces body heat and cools your stomach and recover your sleeping problems. Now a day so many of the people suffering of heart problems it can control heart stroke, keeps your heart healthy and regulates your blood pressure, take one glass of bottle guard juice in the early morning it can use anti gray hair, and it is used antidandruff take bottle guard juice with amla juice apply on your scalp it can be reduced your dandruff. Bottle guard also used for stress reduction and also used reduction of your blood pressure, control blood level. Bottle gourd has 92% water content with fiber, it can use digestion and it is very good for diabetic patients why because it doesn’t have sugar levels, its control body heat. So many people suffer for heavy weight; this is good solution for weight loss and t helps reduce your inflammations in the liver and kidneys and also its helps to treat the urinary tract infection to your body.

Why has the advisory been issued?
Raw bottle gourd juice has become popular after promotion by yoga evangelist baba Ramdev. Some bottle gourds may contain bitter-tasting compounds called cucubitacins that are potentially toxic.

What is the effect of cucurbitacins?
Cucurbitacins can cause life – threatening effects in the body – severe liver damage, gastrointestinal bleeding, inflammation of the pancreas and eventually multi-organ failure.
Do all bottle grounds have cucurbitacins?
No. plant physiogists believe certain environmental stresses such as extreme temperature swings, too little water, low soil fertility, or improper or over-maturation of vegetables can lead to formation of cucurbitacins.
Is there an antidote
No. treatment is supportive, the patient is offered specific lines of therapy to maintain electrolyte balance in the body and compensate blood loss.
Benefits of bottle guard juice
It has cooling and laxative properties
Bottle guard juice is used to diabetes mellitus
Control liver diseases
Control your body weight & used to weight loss

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