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Sweet potatoes health secrets

Sweet potatoes health secrets

Sweet potatoes are super good nutritious vegetable they are high in vitamin B6, high in vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin C, and vitamin B5 have low in sodium and have fewer calories, white potatoes control sugar levels, Vitamin B6 helps reduce the chemical homocysteine in our body’s and cure your digestive problems and also heart stroke problems. Vitamin C helps reduce your cold and flu viruses and vitamin C is important for anyone, this vitamin makes your bones strengthens, use for gently skin reduces wrinkles and protect your body with toxins. Vitamin A used cancer prevention, antioxidant and good maintains of eyesight. Vitamin D builds healthy skin, bones, nerves, thyroid, teeth & heart and its plays main role of your energy levels and also its keep you bodies for the sunlight. Vitamin B5 used for in energy production and essential for brain & nerves, controls fat metabolism, maintain healthy skin and hair.

Sweet potatoes contain rich in iron it can used for blood cell production, adequate energy, resistance to stress, proper immune functioning in your body, protein, mineral, metabolizing and good source of magnesium it is used for anti stress, heart disease, radicals, diabetes, asthma attacks, osteoporosis, DNA & RNA, kidney disease, cartilage, stabilizes blood sugar, insulin production, eclampsia during pregnancy.
Decreases blood pressure; helps to prevent stroke. Enables nutrients to movie into and waste products to move out of cells and promotes healthy nerves and muscles, maintains balance in the body, and relaxes muscles and also helps secretion of insulin for blood sugar.

Sweet potatoes facts
Has twice the fiber of regular potatoes to keep you full, rich in vitamin C and E, low GI (glicemic index) and it helps to stabilize blood sugar, 1 sweet potato contains over twice the RDA for vitamin A, brightly colored flesh provides high levels of antioxidants, were not part of thanksgiving until the 1800’s, are not actually related to yams, which can grow up to 5feet.

Sweet potatoes health benefits
Vitamin C, protection during cold & flu season, vitamin D: lcritical to the immune system to the immune system is found to be lower during long in cold winter months, iron: important for energy, metabolizing of protein and for proper immune functioning, magnesium helps regulate stress levels (think cabin fever), potassium regulates heart-beat signals & relaxes muscle contractions (snow shoveling), sweet potatoes are sweet but their natural sugars are released slowly into the bloodstream regulating blood sugar spikes linked to weight gain (too much time indoors due to cold weather).
High in fiber to aid digestion & weight loss
High in vitamin b6 to protection from the heart attacks
Excellent source of vitamin C to ward of cold & flu
Produces collagen to maintain youthful skin
Protects from cancer
Vitamin D boosts energy levels and mood
Helps build healthy bones, heart nerves, skin & teeth
Offers magnesium to relieve stress
Antioxidant rich, anti-bacterial anti antifungal
Anti inflammatory to help rheumatoid arthritis
Improves blood sugar regulation
Rich in beta carotene
Calming for stomach
Full of nutrients

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