Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to get pinky lips in naturally

How to get pinky lips in naturally

Lips are one of the best & important part in your face to give huge expressions. Commonly different type of causes for dark lips UV rays, smoking, dust allergies, drink more coffee and etc. lips are very sensitive compare with other your body parts so take many of care on your lips and protect. If you do not take care properly your lips can become dark, dull & black. If you want to get pink and soft your lips naturally so follow these given tips.

Gently scrubbing your lips with your tooth brush, it is one of the best way to get pink lips in naturally, do this scrub daily twice before going your bed time and before botching in the morning after that you get soft and shiny lips without any costly cosmetics.
Use sugar scrub to make shiny& soft lips, sugar has high in exfoliate this is used improve your lips color.
Avoid cosmetics on your lips like chemical used lipsticks
Doing massage your lips in daily basis, it is a very good for getting pink your lips naturally, take almond oil apply on your lips gently massage with fingers softly at before sleep time in night and after wakeup time in the morning, and also massage your lips with the almond oil it is also used moisturized lips and getting soft.
Honey is also used to make lighten your lips, apply raw honey on your lips over night in every day then you got a good result.

Ghee is very useful to getting your lips very soft and shining, apply ghee on your lips before going to bed that is used get pink lips and rub with the cotton ball.
Moisturized your lips in daily basis with the petroleum jelly it is used to protect your lips from the UV rays, it is used to get soft shiny lips, if you use cocoa butter on lips it is also good remedy for getting pink lips.
Use Strawberry lip balm to get naturally shiny lips mix strawberry paste with the little bit of petroleum jelly then apply on your lips it is used to reduce darkness and improve your lips color naturally.
Pomegranate seeds are very useful to your lips, grind pomegranate with mix with milk then apply your lips and stay for 15 minutes, clean after dry this then you find out the good result.
One important thing some of the people lick our lips, when you lick lip then lips is going to dark and rough so avoid licking lips, then automatically your lips going to naturally shiny.  
Beet Root juice is very useful to get pink lips and also which have purple color it is used to reduce lips darkness and make your lips shiny.
Ice cubes also used make your lips shiny, take ice cube and massage with the cubes on your lips this is used to increase blood circulation in lips then lips going to pink color naturally
Avoid smoking, when you smoking then your lips going dark and dull.

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