Thursday, 26 November 2015

How to get soft and silky hair naturally

How to get soft and silky hair naturally

So many people like and want to get silky hair, but the point is get silky hair for the naturally. If you have dry & brittle hair follows this step of tips and gets soft& silky hairs naturally.

First one eating healthy food this is the right choice to get healthy hair, eat more nutritious food it will help to improve hair growth and keeps your hair healthy & silky, different types of nutrient food or vegetables there are listed below like see food, green vegetables, boiled egg, milk and nuts add this type of food in your diet, this diet food is used to help reduce your hair fall and re - growth your hair, this diet is used to purify your blood which can help reduce hair fall and dandruff. Drink plenty of water it is used to make your hair healthy and shiny.

Use oil massage gently on your scalp this is very mandatory on, twice or thrice a week for men& women both, this remedy is used gets soft & silky hair naturally. If u do oil massage on scalp which is used to improve your blood circulation and stimulate natural oils from scalp then you get smooth and shining your hair. Take coconut oil in a bowl and simply heat them and massage on your scalp gently using fingers it is used to control hair fall.

Use cold water on your hair to head bath, this is used to conditioned hair and also this helps moisture then gives you soft and silky hair naturally. When your hair light wet at the time apply conditioner gently then you feel healthy hair.

White vinegar is very important thing to get soft & silky hair naturally, apply vinegar to your head and wait for 10 minutes then washes it with the cold water, this is used to remove oily& dull scalp, and it is use conditioning treatment. Take egg white & olive oil, apply this material on your scalp that is used conditioner your scalp and hair.

Use lemon juice on your scalp and get silky hair, take table spoon fresh lemon juice with egg white on a bowl and mix this two integrates gently then apply on your hair stay 10 to 15 minutes then wash it cleanly with the mild shampoo. This remedy is used to get you soft hair.

Make a fresh onion with the bowl and mix fresh lemon juice then apply this paste on your scalp, leave it on 30 minutes after wash this with mild shampoo. This remedy is used improve blood circulations on your scalp.

Yoghurt gives best protein substitutes for your hair, use & applies this 15 minutes yoghurt on your scalp it is used to get silky hair.

Banana is gives to nutrients and proteins to your hair that make hair strong and silky. Mix egg, banana apply it on your scalp & hair for about 30 minute then wash it with the mild shampoo.

Apply castor oil on your hair and scalp and do massage gently with the fingers 3 minutes then leave it for 15 minutes. use this remedy for weekly once and notice the result.

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