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Ragi health benefits

Ragi health benefits

Karnataka is the largest producer of ragi in overall India contributing to about 58%, nutritionally, which have high in protein, vitamins and minerals and which is the perfect vegetarian food. It contains calcium 344 mg %, potassium 408 mg and iron. Ragi has more calcium content it used to bone development, Ragi ganji replace you coffee for you & your children’s and it pills with more calcium. Ragi has several types of vitamins and calcium there is vitamin B, vitamin B6, folic acid and iron it is used to easy to digest. Ragi contains good amount of iron, which is really needed your body for performing several tasks. It is helpful in producing new red blood cells and it is very important for a healthy body and it is also helps preventing anemia.

Health Benefits of Ragi
Ragi is used weight loss, it contains amino acid, reduces appetite and it has a much amount fiber compared with grains & white rice, that is used to burn your fatty levels & belly fat. This is best way who is trying for lose your weight; this Ragi has high in bulkiness it is used to slower digestion that’s why all doctors suggest this. Ragi is the haigh content of calcium, vitamin D, it helps give to calcium to your bone and makes strengthen bones, this is the best way to strengthen bones to children’s & adults and it cure bone problems. If you take Ragi food regularly then it cures diabetic problems why because it has high in fiber & polyphenol content and Ragi use for relaxing your body naturally avoid depression.
Ragi is good choice for the people who are trying to lose weight.
Ragi was rich in vitamin C & iron it can reduce anameia.
Protein of Ragi is said to be as milk protein which makes an ideal substitute for diabetes, and one glass of Ragi ganji is equal to 4 glasses of milk proteins.
 Due to high level of dietary fiber in ragi gives proper digestion.
It is high protein, low in carbohydrates
It helps remove heat from the body during summer
Ragi java also helps to lower cholesterol levels & good food for weight control
Reverts skin aging and keeps young & healthy
Excellent baby food, improve digestion
Works at natural relaxant
Treats anemia, anxiety and depression  

Controls diabetes
Excellent bone developing
Good substitute for milk protein
Boost locations for new mothers
Prevents cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of strokes
Nutrient contents of Ragi
Below list shows different types of minerals in the Ragi, and it has high amount of calcium.
Protein – 9.27 %, Fat – 1.35 %, Fiber – 3.56 %, Mineral salt – 2.11 %, Carbohydrate – 74.73 %, Energy – 348 kcal/ 100g, Thiamine – 0.42mg/ 100g, Riboflavin – 0.19mg/ 100g, Niacin – 1.1mg/ 100g, Zinc – 3.3mg/ 100g, Chromium – 0.028/ 100g, Manganese – 5.49mg/ 100g, Iron – 14.03mg/ 100g, Calcium – 344mg/ 100g, Potassium – 408mg/ 100g.

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