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Sex health benefits of Men &Women

Sex health benefits of Men &Women

Definition of sexual health

I know how to access and use health care services and information.
I am able to form and maintain healthy relationships
I act responsibly according to my personal values and I am able to set appropriate boundaries
I am able to recognize risks and ways to reduce them
I can talk effectively with my peers, family and partners
I know my body and how it functions
I understand what risk and responsibilities sexual behavior with my partner.
Sex is great in many ways it not only allows us to get intimate with each other, but it also burns calories and releases a whole host of hormones that have a range of health benefits. When you're in the mood, that’s time if do sex with your partner then you got a boosting to your immune system and has big health benefit of sex is that is lower blood pressure and its used reduce your stress levels and also reduce coronary artery disease, kidney disease and heart stroke problems. If you do well sexual in twice a week then u got physical health and improves mentally why because thirty minutes of sex burns 85 of calories, 42min will burn 100 calories or that’s why you got good shaped physic. Heart benefits also there in doing sex the researchers also find that having sex twice of a week this reduced risk of the fatal heart attack in men & women. When you do sex, orgasms levels increased the type of hormone oxytoc, which helps us bond and build trust and you feel urge to nurture bond and increased love hormones levels to your body, endorphins increase, headaches, pain declines etc. For men and women doing sex that is used to muscle exercises to both. Then you will enjoy more pleasure at the time you got strengthen bones and also have many benefits there are relieves stress, lower blood pressure and boost your immunity levels.
Benefits of sex to the male

Longer, more intense orgasms, increased libido, boosts your testosterone level and learn how to make your testosterone more effective, tighter abs, firmer erections with Viagra, how to trigger a second puberty of penile growth, how to achieve multiple orgasms, stronger muscles, foods to eat and foods to avoid for better sexuality, a better alternative to a condom, enhanced penile sensitivity.

Benefits of sex to the male
Longer, more intense orgasms, improve your skin youthfully, larger (perkier breasts), sexier abs, enhanced clitoral sensation, improved vaginal lubrication, increased libido, softer lips, foods to eat and foods avoid for better sexuality, slimmer hips and thighs, less cellulite, tighter and more sensitive vagina.

Health benefits of sex
Better blood pressure, less stress, better self-esteem, and better sleep, improve your heart health, boost your immune system& sensory skills, help relieve pain, make you thinner, increases happiness, can help reduces the risk of prostate cancer, improves intimacy, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, strengthens your well-being, improves cardiovascular health, provides exercise, greatly improves bladder and bowel function, helps prevent heart disease by keeping estrogen and testosterone levels in balance.

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