Friday, 11 December 2015

Cabbage health benefits

Cabbage health benefits

Cabbage has high in iodine which helps to brain functioning & nervous system, cabbage has rich in iodine is use to many health purposes like maintain your energy levels, keeps you nails healthy, maintain healthy hair, boosts your immune system, makes you teeth strengthen, treat cancer, reduces fibrocystic diseases, treat thyroid, and also which have several type of vitamins and minerals there are vitamin E, vitamin C, nutrients, calcium, potassium & magnesium these cabbage has high in vitamin C, which is use to many health benefits there are immune your system, cure cardiovascular disease problems, cure eye diseases, reduces skin wrinkles and makes your skin glowing. Vitamin E is use to improve your skin cells & texture, treat radicals, improves hydration levels, it is use to reduce acne & pimples, reduces liver diseases. Calcium also there in cabbage these calcium is use to makes your bones strengthens, cure the problem of obesity, protect cardiac muscles and makes your muscle strengthen, reduces kidney stones, controls your blood pressure, maintains healthy teeth and gums. 

Cabbage’s have magnesium content which is use several types to your health, cure your depression, control diabetes, treat hypertension, makes your heart healthy and control from the attacks, reduces headaches, treat the problem of asthma. Cabbage is also curing several types of disease eye problems, cure heart stroke problems, ulcers, headaches, Alzheimer’s problem. Cabbage is leads to control the problem of cancer why because which contains lupeol, sinigrin, sulforaphane has and high in antioxidant and also cures the problem of radicals, this cabbage has anti inflammatory properties these properties are cures several health problems like as inflammation, treat skin allergies, normal fever problems, joint bones pains. 

Cabbage is use keeps your eye healthy, improve your vision quality and also use to reduce your body weight naturally why because which has healthy dietary fiber with the low calories this integrates are use reduces your body weight, makes your brain healthy and improve concentration levels.

Health benefits of cabbage

  • Cabbage is cure the problem of stomach ulcers
  • Cabbage is contain the property of blood purifier
  • Cabbage has anti bacterial, anti viral properties, anti fungal and also use anti oxidant properties
  • Treat different type of cancers
  • Cure kidney problems, increase healthy cholesterol
  • Build-up your muscles and makes strengthen
  • Makes your eye healthy and also improve your vision system
  • Makes your skin healthy and improve skin cells

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