Friday, 4 December 2015

Curd is very good to your health

 Curd is very good to your health

Curd is very good to your health and also having many benefits, consuming curd every day in your meal it’s have an amazing benefits. Curd has high in calories, less amount of fat, vitamin D, nutrients, calcium and also has protein, which gives you several health benefits there are, curd is helps to improve your digestion why because which have nutrients these are used to digestion and some of the studies is shown consuming curd may help to cure many of stomach infections.

Curd is use to boosts your immunity, preventing yeast infection which are useful to your health will make good. If you consume daily meal with the curd your bones & teeth will make strengthen why because which have high calcium. Curd also uses to reduce the diseases of arthritis & osteoporosis. Curd have anti-fungal properties and lactic acid which are used to reduce your dandruff from the your scalp, simply apply curd to you scalp and leave it 30 minutes then you go to head bath like as usually after that is use to anti – dandruff. Curd is contains to reduce of anxiety and stress, many of the people are feel very stress in nowadays, when you feel stress that is very bad to your health that’s why will you consume curd in your daily diet then really feel stress relief and also it is use to lowers levels of activity. Curd is use to helps lose your body weight why because which contains calcium which is preventing cortisol and reduces obesity and hypertension, if you consume curd in your daily diet at once it use to reduce your belly fat slowly & naturally without any side effects and also curd improves cardiovascular health to you, risk of heart disease then it reduces hypertension and keeps your cardiovascular health.
Curd contains the properties of improves your skin color & softness why because which have high in zinc, vitamin E, little bit of vitamin C and vitamin E, these minerals are use to increase your skin complex & texture and if you follow one small remedy with the curd your skin defiantly goes to smoothie mix curd with the lemon & gram flour then apply these integrate on your face leave it 10 minutes after that wash with the cool water, after show the result. Curd is use to improves your sexual health, if you consume curd with the sugar in every meal that is use to increase your body fat and sexual health also.

Health benefits of curd

  • Curd is use to improve your digestion level and cure your stomach infection
  • Curd is help to increase your skin texture and keeps your skin glowing
  • Make your heart healthy and decrease stress level
  • It is use to reduce dandruff and keeps your scalp healthy
  • Curd is use to make your hair healthy
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Makes your bones & teeth strengthen
  • Curd gives you minerals and vitamins and also which have anti aging properties
  • Good for gastric trouble problems

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