Tuesday, 15 December 2015

How to get your weight in natural ways?

How to get your weight in natural ways?

How to get body weight? Many of the people suffer from how to get our body weight natural ways, but generally have several tips are there to get body weight naturally there are listed below.

Count your consuming calories for a day
If you want to get body weight, mandatory to you bring more calories of your consuming calories for a day and you want to gain weight slowly then aim for consuming 300-500 of calories but more than your burn calories. There are many type of calories food shown below follow them.
Use high fat oil to preparing your food like fish oil, vegetable oil these oil contains more fat levels, use to get body weight fast and eat different types of nuts & seeds like walnuts, almonds, chia seeds, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and pea nuts etc are use to gives more calories to your body.

Should 6 times meals for day
If u take 6 times of food in daily basis this is use to gain your weight naturally without belly fat and mandatory 4 hours gap in every meal. Defiantly you find that eating five or six times a day is more effective than three times meal, take extra snacks in the gap period this is also lead the small part of gaining body weight.

Drinking fresh fruit juice every day
Take fruit juice or fruit salad everyday it is very use to gain your weight naturally why because this fruits has high vitamins and proteins with low fatty levels. Mix pure yogurt juice between the meals time, supplies a significant number of calories when consumed between the meals time. And not a single fruit take all fruit juice like a cocktail.

Exercise is also use to get body weight
This is very simple to weight gain naturally without any fat, do exercise in daily basis properly then your body make very fitness with the high weight. Not only exercise and also take some type of healthy food & juice like, eat more calories food, take rest with the perfect diet (protein, fat, carbs and supplements), consume fresh fruit juice, eat more green vegetables, eat boiled eggs at least 2, eat boiled chicken without oil fry and sleep at least 8 hours per a day.


Carbohydrates are makes your diet high percentages of grams, consume carbohydrates with the workouts minimum 140 grams. Defiantly you need 280 to 400 grams of carbohydrates per a day when you consuming more than 2400 calories, and 560 plus grams of carbs with the fruits & potatoes in your diet plan.

Follow mandatory diet plan in everyday

You should be taken same diet plan in every day with the follow above instructions, this is use to maintain healthy diet and makes your body fitness.

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