Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Health benefits of CARROTS

Health benefits of CARROTS

Raw Carrots are very beneficial in scrapping off plaque from your teeth and are also known as natural cleaner. Dr Jeffrey Gross at the Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine says. It may sound hard to believe, but some people swear that rubbing raw carrot sticks on your teeth will make them look bright and also the carrot is one of the most valuable of all our root vegetables and today we are apt to take them a little too much for granted and to forget how rich they are in protective elements. Among other good things they contain “carotene” one of the important sources of vitamin A which strengthens our resistance to infection. There is a certain amount of sugar in them, and this is useful for our war-time diet. As many a wise mother knows, the child who eats raw carrot freely is most unlikely to have a craving for sweets. Most children, fortunately, love raw carrot and below we have given some suggestions for introducing it into the daily diet. Adults may find it a little strange at first but it is such a real health food strange at first but it is such a real health food that it is well worth while persevering with it Did you know? Carrots have many powerful health benefits including beautiful skin, cancer prevention, and anti aging and also we are all know carrots are protecting the skin free radicals and promote the regeneration to healthy skin.

Have many health benefits of carrots there are improve your skin and make them bright, improves digestion, improves kidney function, reduces incidences of heart stroke, maintains a healthy heart, improves liver function anti bacterial and viral, great for eye health, anti cancer, Romans and ancient Greeks believed them to be aphrodisiac, Caligula held a banquet for his senate and served only dishes made of carrots in the hope that it would make them ‘rut like wild beast’, carrots were not orange until the Dutch worked to cultivate the strain for the ruling house of orange, earlier versions were white, purple, red, yellow, green or black, carrots were first grown as a medicine not a food, Britons were encouraged to eat them during the second world war with the slogan ‘carrots keep you healthy and help you see in the blackout’, the longest ever grown was 19feet 1inch the heaviest weighed in at 18.9ib, eating to many carrots can lead to condition called carotenemia, causing the skin to turn yellowish orange, the cultivated carrot first appeared in Britain in the 1400s, but the Romans brought wild carrots in the second century. Cultivated carrots originated in Afghanistan

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