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Health benefits of health APPLES to human body

  Health benefits of healthy APPLES to human body

I understand an apple a day keeps the Dr. away’ so what do I have to eat to keep from seeing your ugly face again? Studies show that daily apple eaters have just as many doctor visits as people who never eat apples. The proverb likely originated in Wales in the 1800s because apples have a long shelf life and was one of the only fruits available your round Eating an apple is a more reliable method of staying awake than consuming a cup of coffee. The natural sugar in van apple is more than the caffeine in coffee. 
Apple is definitely good for all people whether they are diabetic or not. A famous phrase “an apple a day will keep the doctor away” is undeniably true. But some people with diabetes have fear to eat it they think that this fruit will affect their blood sugar levels.

If you are going to eat an apple you should eat every part of it except the core, and ensure that it is organic. Almost half of the vitamin C content in an apple is just underneath the skin, and over two-thirds of the fiber and almost all of the antioxidants are found in the peel. In a report published by the environmental working group, apples were found to be the fruit with second highest levels of pesticides, so try to buy organic apples whenever possible.
So many calories of apples if you questioned a health specialist on how many calories in an apple, they give you many suggestions on how to compute each. If the apples are raw and eaten with the skin and chopped it has approximately 65 calories. If eaten raw and without skin it has a 52.8 packed calories. If is is served in raw without the skin, cooked boiled when you eat it, you can gain up to 90.6 calories. If the apple is raw, without skin cooked and been microwave you can get 95.2 calories. Apples are served not only just fruits you seen on markets directly, but also packaged on canned but sweetened, sliced in tiny bits, drained and unheated you can achieve a 136.7 calories

 -         Simone klugman says about apple like this are shown billow.

“Have you ever wondered why apples are so plentiful in our myths, legends and popular culture while pears, melons or peaches are rarely mentioned”

Apples have many Vitamins there are
  • Vitamin A- this is used to increase strengthen bone and also good for eyes as it improves vision
  • Vitamin B- this is used to weight loss
  • Vitamin C- this is used to anti skin wrinkles
  • Vitamin E- this is used to increase hair grow thing and protect skin cells from UV rays
  • Vitamin K- this is used to decrees to heart diseases  
Health benefits of health APPLES
Protects your bones, lowers cholesterol, and improve your digestions, helps weight loss, reduces skin disease, prevents Alzheimer’s, improves heart health, and also detoxifies you liver, decreases risk of diabetes, and also detoxifies your liver, reduces headaches, and strengthens gums, promotes hair growth, full of anti oxidants, and also keep clean your teeth, prevents gallstones.

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