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Several types of health benefits to eat Lady’s finger

Several types of health benefits to eat Lady’s finger 

Anti-oxidant properties high in vitamin a maintains healthy mucous membranes helps vision protects from free radicals rich in B-complex helps with blood clothing good source of vitamin K good source of minerals have lady’s finger and it helps with acid reflux stabilizes blood sugar high in fiber congaing no saturated fats or cholesterol helps in smooth peristalsis reduces risk of heart disease prevents constipation protects from certain cancers good source of folate excellent source of vitamin C feeds good bacteria in intestines, Okra (Lady’s finger) is a great useful vegetable and its works like a medicine as it is available yours surrounding places on the earth year in India and also available every country, its use to boosting your sexual vigor and also reduce excess blood circulations, it is also good taste to eat and active cold potency like vata pitta for make a naturally strength promoting qualities and it is have menopause this is very useful to ladies. Okra is a good for health and it works to kill bad bactiria and provider increase good bacteria called its helps in biosynthesis and give vitamin B, this is also help in explosion just like a yoghurt.
Lady finger has been a part of Indian diet ages. Its rich fiber content mainly contributes to the benefits of lady finger.
Lady’s finger have 100gm of nutritional contents there are fiber-2.5grams and have 10% of recommended daily value(RDA), vitamin C-16.3 milligrams and have 27% of RDA, Folate-46 micrograms and have 11% of RDA, vitamin A-283 international units and have 6% of RDA, vitamin K-40 micrograms and 5% of RDA, vitamin K found in okra is known vitamin k1 one of two beneficial forms and also have another vitamins known as vitamin k2,k3 is synthetic would be avoided, niacin(Vitamin B3)-0.9mg and have 4% RDA, thiamim (Vitamin B1)-0.1mg and have 9% RDA, vitamin B6-36mg And have 9% RDA, manganese-0.3mg and have 15% of RDA, Magnesium-0.3mg and have 15% RDA, beta carotene-225mcg, lutein,zeaxanthin-56mcg.      
Health benefits of Lady’s finger

Controls Diabetes, Relieves constipation, Prevents anemia, Weight loss, Lower high blood cholesterol, Improve immune system, Improves eye sight, Lady’s Finger (Okra) is used to hairs very well applied Okra juice to hair as to last rinse then it is make a bounce to your hair, Stabilize blood sugar, Helps lubricate the large intestines due to its bulk laxative qualities, Okra juice used to treat sore throat associated with coughing,Okra seeds are used to treat diarrhea with fever and related abdominal pain  

Lady’s finger use for control diabetes

Take two pieces of lady finger and remove both ends of piece. Also put a small cut in the middle and put these two pieces in the glass of water. Cover the glass and keep it at room temperature during night. Early morning, before breakfast simply remove two pieces of lady finger from the glass and drink that water, keep doing it on daily basis within two weeks, you will see remarkable results in reduction of your suger, Okra contains soluble fiber pectin helps in lowering the bad cholesterols and prevents antherosclerosis by helping in elimination of deposited cholesterol and clots.

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