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Garlic having amazing health benefits

Garlic having amazing health benefits

 Garlic can help stop hair loss thanks to high levels of allicin and gives to boost your immune system and it’s helps ward off cold, it is also used to weight loss your body with reduces your tummy fat. Eat to detox-garlic releases toxins from the liver, filled with antioxidants rub it on your face to cure acne and help to heal cold sores and reduce swelling. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties great for psoriasis to your body and helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Banish athlete’s foot by soaking feet in warm water with garlic and thins the blood to prevent clots. Garlic has many of vitamin B6 which boosts mood and its help treat fever, cough, and stomach ache. Fresh garlic can kill E coli and salmonella and apply to skin for fungal infections.
Garlic have many of antioxidants, carotene, zea-xanthin, vitamin C&B6, minerals, selenium, manganese, iron & calcium, active components like allicin, phytonutrients.

Garlic health benefits

Fight cancer: Studies show that regular intake of garlic fights esophageal, colon, and stomach cancers.
Improves libido: This is a real aphrodisiac that can help enhance the prowess of both men and women.
Controls asthma: Eating as little as 3 roasted garlic cloves each night helps soothe attacks.
Clears Acne: Topically cleansing with garlic, honey, cream of tartar and turmeric will prevent outbreaks.
Wound treatment: Use filtered water that is infused with garlic as an anti-septic will treat wounds.
Fights clods: Eat 2 crushed raw cloves at the sign of a cold to help lessen the severity.
Stops diarrhea: Garlic destroys harmful bacteria in the intestine while not affecting the beneficial flora.
Soothes earache: A few drops of garlic oil soothes because it’s is natural anti biotech.
Eye infection: Eating garlic heals infections because it’s rich in vitamin C querecetin and selenium.
Improves cholesterol: Rich in allicin, garlic oil soothes because it is a natural anti-biotech
Eases diabetes: The oil extracted from garlic may help diabetics from the side-effects of diabetes

Medical effects of Garlic
The medicinal effects of garlic and trying to controls health issues, it is always best to consult with a physician first.
The consumption of large amounts of raw garlic, without the advice of doctors’ could lead to more severe side effect problems.
There is thing called garlic allergy that is rare but can cause nausea, vomiting, headache, low-grade fever and skin rashes.
Although these symptoms may also indicate the medicinal results of garlic, it takes place and it is the body’s a reaction to it.
If the individual taking raw garlic is experiencing this stuff, he then should probably start with small doses in order to assist the body to get used to it and minimize the allergic reactions to it.
Nothing replaces a recommendation from doctors with particular regard to health.

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