Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Hey viewers let’s see Tomatoes is used many health purposes

Hey viewers let’s see Tomatoes is used many health purposes

One medium tomato contains 20 calories and 1.5g of dietary fiber; tomatoes are also good sources of vitamin A, B9 and C as well as minerals like potassium. Tomatoes having disease fighting factor it’s contain an antioxidant known as lycopene which can lower high cholesterols levels, lycopene in tomatoes prevents prostate cancer and vitamin C in tomatoes helps prevent premature aging.

Tomato’s have excellent source of potassium fights inflammation may help burn you fat reduces risk of ovarian cancer reduces risk of heart disease and asthama reduces prostate cancer risk by as much as 40% organic tomatoes contain higher amounts of vitamin C reduces urinary tract infections reduces oxidative stress, tomato is the fruit of the plant solanum lycopersicum improves vision boosts gut health reduces risk of hypertension can dissolve gallstones largest source of dietary lycopene.
Lycopene has been credited with reducing wrinkles because neutralizes free radicals which age the skin, it is also said to protect against osteoporosis and lung, breast and prostate cancer, too much lycopene can have alarming side effects on women in the US drank so much tomato juice her turned orange, tomato stains are difficult to get out of fabric and kitchen surfaces because lycopene molecules are not soluble in water. A Chinese fruit known as the sweet ground, contains the highest amount of lycopene 70 times that found in tomatos. Lycopene is also present in papaya and rosehips. Cooked tomatoes are more beneficial than raw ones heating lycopene alters its structure, enabling it to be more easily transported through the blood.
Some people who know little about the benefits tomatoes want to lose weight quickly they think just eating tomatoes for a short time can make their become slim fast. This is certainly wrong, since there are no foods that contain all the nutrients the body needs, including tomatoes. Although tomatoes contain a verity of nutrients, but the consumption of tomatoes alone would not suffice for the needs of your body. You still need to eat a varied diet, but by incorporating tomatoes as one of the healthy foods in your diet. Weight loss program will work well if you cultivate a good lifestyle, adjust your sleep patterns and run a nutritionally balanced diet. Make a glass of tomato juice as part of your breakfast menu.

Tomatoes is a good source of B vitamins (B6, pantothenic acid, niacin and folate), tomatoes are a nutrition boost before a workout, as most B vitamins are cofactors (“helper molecules”) for metabolic reactions that produce energy. Tomatoes are also a significant source of vitamin C, vitamin A, biotin, vitamin Kand carotenes (such as lycopene, which has been linked to reducing the likelihood of certain cancers). Don’t go crazy on the tomatoes through, as their fiber content can impact your workout if you eat them too close to the activity period. Your best bet is to eat tomatoes earlier in the day and or peel them.  

Benefits of tomatoes
Free radicals, heart healthy, digestion helps, anti-cancerous, detoxifies body, cures anaemia, healthy bones, increases sperm, reduces stress, manages weight.

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