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How to control your hair fall

How to control your hair fall

Hair loss is a problem that many men and women suffer from. I suffered from hair loss for several years, until I decided to make my own research and find a way to make my hair grow to be found. One of the things that helped me to fight my hair loss was cut in the amount of processed foods that late. Processed foods are foods that altered from their natural state. Often this is done for convenience. Processed foods contain preservatives that help to last longer than natural foods, which have not changed. Some of the most popular methods for the preservation of food are canning and packing.

Causes of Hair loss
Hair loss is one of the body changes that most people fear of. Just like menopause, hair loss can easily divulge a person’s age. But unlike menopause, which can be kept from everyone but you, hair loss can already be detected or seen by almost everybody ant the age of 35, the effect of hair loss can already be seen in men- either their hair line recedes or a ‘dome’ begins to appear at the back of their hair; some evens experience both.

Hair fall natural remedies & how to control hair fall
Here are some other general tips to naturally control hair loss which should be followed to make hairs strong and healthy and to prevent dandruff problem.
You should not comb your hair when it is wet and should not wash your hair frequently because it may eliminate its natural oils.

You should try to protect your hair from UV rays of sun.
You should apply coconut oil in your hair at least once a week after the age of 40.
All the above stated factors can cause hair fall but the good thing is that many options of treating hair fall are also available here.
Hylix lotion is one of the best natural remedies for hair fall control.
This natural and herbal hair fall remedy contains pure natural ingredients which are very beneficial and effective for controlling hair fall.
As this is made of purely natural items so it takes some time to give desired results so it is suggested to use as massage this lotion on hair regularly for with your fingers.

Small home remedy for control hair fall

Henna powder and curd with egg white yalk, mix these three ingredients well and apply and rinse with hot water after dried. Take that mixed integrates and mix it with sufficient amount of olive oil. Shake this mixed paste 2mins then apply this mixture to the entire scalp and hair then leave it for 25mins and wash it mild shampoo and cold water after that clean your scalp. This pack gives proteins to your hairs like phosphorus, iron, selenium and zinc to the hair.

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