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Onions health secrets for all

Onions health secrets for all

Yes, it does. Drinking onion juice is also one of the best home remedies that help to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the body. It also helps to cleanse the blood, regulates the heart action, cures insomnia and enhances digestive system. Peel the external skin of 4-5 onions and grind them fine then add jiggery to the paste and blend again. Consume I table spoon 2times a day for a week to view a cutback in your bile level. The smell of raw onion has the ability to cure headaches, intake of sauté onions will help heal irritable bowel syndrome. Rinse you mouth with the juice of onion mixed with hot water, also apply the juice of onion with a help of cotton on the gums of your teeth to get remedy from toothache and pain in gums. Intake of steamed onion with honey and sugar candy (kalkandu) will give immense strength to the body. Application of the onion on skin will help cure skin diseases. Consuming sauté onion in empty stomach will help clear nervous weakness and intake of a tablespoon of onion juice mixed with water then will helps acquire a sound sleep and also onions contain low amounts of essential nutrients and it is low in fats, so people of the abese category can consume more amount of onion. Eating small onion/shallots, helps in reducing the fat level in the blood vessels, benefiting the people who have undergone an attack and munching onions daily will help tuberculosis.    

Prevent allergies
Allergies and asthama affect one in every five people in the United States. The health care costs alone are almost 8 billion annually. Quercetin found in onions stops your immune system from releasing histamines, easing allergen symptoms such as runny rose and watery eyes. In the middle ages, onions were so important that they could be used to pay ones rent or given gifts, if you eat onions you can get rid of onion breath by eating parsley.
Reverse heart disease
Quercetin also prevents plaque buildup on the arterial walls. Plaque buildup is the primary cause of heart attack and stroke and it also lowers LDL cholesterol. One study showed that quercetin-in combination with an alcohol-free red wine-prevented dangerous cholesterol accumulation in over weight participants who were at risk for heart attack.
Quercetin benefits
Eases the swelling and joint stiffness of arthritis, lowers your risk of all cancer and inhibits tumor growth, lowers risk of lung cancer in smokers, prevents heart disease, improves prostate health, reduces the severity of bladder infections.  

Benefits of onions
Improved immunity, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, heal infections, antiseptic, antibiotic, antimicrobial, remedy for common cold, cough, fever and sore throat, increase sperm count, reduce pain and inflammation of joints, apply the onion juice mix turmeric on face this will help you remove dark pigments and patches, ear-ache, prevent tooth decaying and reduce tooth pain, eliminate worms in the stomach of children, applying onion juice on hair eliminates lice, low in sodium, increase sperm count.

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