Saturday, 14 November 2015

Awesome health benefits of coconut oil

Awesome health benefits of coconut oil

Balance you cholesterol, has a high smoke point, which prevents harmful carcinogens, energize the brain, energize the heart, treat Alzheimer’s disease, prevents sickness so you don’t miss workouts, ease irritable bowel syndrome, increase nutrient absorption, can increase your energy level and helping you burn more fat, energize the brain, can help you lose fat, especially the dangerous fat in your abdominal cavity, fight colds and flu, kill harmful pathogens, kills your hunger, making you eat less without even trying, clear up skin conditions, moderate appetite, energize the brain, treat ulcers, protects arteries from injury that causes, helps to protect your breast cancers, improves digestion and your bowel function, it give natural balance of your skin, coconut oil is very soothing and the natural aroma of coconut is also very soothing and it apply to the head then gently massage your scalp it help to remove mental fatigue, it is used anti hair fall and increase your scalp condition.
Research shows that coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids accurate that stimulates metabolism, gives you more energy, it is rich in lauric acid which protects your heart by reducing total cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.

Uses of coconut oil
  • To cook with instead of vegetable or seed oils
  • As an eye make-up remover, in your coffee/tea instead of soap
  • To brush your teeth (toothpaste recipe on website), as
  • For oil pulling
  • As a body moisturizer
  • As a sun – screen
  • As a hair conditioner
  • As a natural remedy for diaper your rash
  • To add to protein shake to you
  • As a supplement
  • To relieve itching from bug bites
  • To help lower high blood pressure
  • As a massage oil
  • To lessen the damaging effects of dementia
  • In a cough syrup
  • In a sore throat cure
  • To treat for lice
  • In a homemade natural deodorant
  • To heal wounds
  • To promote hair re growth
  • To make your own cuticle oil
  • To reduce puffiness around the eyes
  • To reduce scars
  • As a lip balm
  • To stop nose bleeds
  • To enhance nutrient absorption
  • To treat for lice
  • To soften cracked heels
  • To improve your memory
  • To fuel your workouts
  • As a hair serum
  • To improve osteoporosis
  • To prevent nose bleeds
  • To relieve sun – burn
  • As a testosterone booster
  • To improve your memory
  • To soften cracked heels
  • To make lotion bars
  • To build more muscle
  • As a buttery spared
  • To make soap
  • As a testosterone booster
  • As a glaze on cold desserts
  • To make laundry detergent
  • As first aid
  • To kill off Candida yeast growth
  • To season cast iron pans
  • To get hemorrhoid relief
  • To help cure small intestinal bacterial overgrowth
  • To improve Parkinson disease
  • To remove stretch marks
  • To decrease an insulin spike
  • To condition wooden cutting
  • As a shaving cream
  • To stimulate your thyroid
  • To make a nourishing hair mask
  • To remove chewing gum from hair
  • To bake with in place of butter
  • To make an after shave cream
  • To clean and restore leather
  • As an ingredient for making to coconut butter
  • To make salt scrub
  • To make good healthy mayo
  • In a natural vapor rub

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