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Dragon fruit health advantages

Dragon fruit health advantages

Dragon fruit has many amazing health benefits identified that the red dragon fruit has more nutrients than white, did you know dragon fruit (dragon fruits, pitaya, and hylocoreus) is quite rich variety of vitamins and mineral nutrients that can help improve endurance and metabolism. According to the study of honey dragon fruit is very good for digestion and blood circulation, and they responded very well to reduce the emotional stress and neutralize toxins in the body. It may also prevent colon cancer and lowering blood fat. Red – color / purple natural colors found in red dragon fruit nourishes “Anthocyanins” that control heart rate and slow aging (youthful) and black beans also have “albumen” help digestion which is able to collect waste food in the stomach, producing toxic and excess minerals in the stomach. Presence of vitamin C also would have mencantik and lighten the skin. And of course the dragon fruit is free from any poison honey because it uses a system of fully organic crops. Also known as pitaya or pitahaya, is native to South America but is now also grown in Southeast Asia, particularly in Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Dragon fruit has high in vitamin B1, which better carbohydrate metabolism, B2 vitamins for recovery appetite problems, and B3 is used to reduce your bad cholesterol and glow your skin condition. Dragon fruit protect and prevent lesion of brain cells (prevention of dementia), reduce cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis heart disease, natural high antioxidants free radical scavenging and anti aging, strengthen the immune system to prevent bacteria and virus attacks, improve gastrointestinal motility and constipation it helps detoxification and slimming. Promote blood circulation and improve cold hands and feet and also prevention of anemia, protection of gastric it colorectal cancer prevention and promotes gastrointestinal nutrient absorption.

Health benefits of Dragon Fruit
Great source of calcium & phosphorous which work together to improve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis.
Incredibly high in fiber for optimal digestive health, it aids in weight loss via improvement of metabolic rate.
Prevent cardiovascular disease, lower cholesterol & reduce high blood pressure.
Dragon fruit has much in vitamin B, it used the healthy nerve cells.
Which has high in antioxidants and it works against free radicals; make your skin tighter & young look.
Dragon fruit has high in vitamin A, it gives cretonne to you for proper color vision and prevention of height blind problems.
Dragon fruit has high in vitamins & minerals, which used reduce inflammations, brushes and scraps and irritation and also this use glowing skin.
It provide to improve your immunity and prevent & illness.
Dragon fruit has much in phytoalbumins, an antioxidant that prevents cancer prevention.
Dragon fruit has high in fiber, which used digest part and it use weight loss.
Contains vitamin B3 which lowers LDL and it raises your HDL cholesterol levels

Helps to regulate blood sugar levels and prevents insulin spikes and use to produce red cells.

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