Monday, 9 November 2015

Great benefits of Green Tea

Great benefits of Green Tea

Green tea contains powerful therapeutic antioxidants and according to a study in nutrition research, drinking green tea after a workout helps your muscles recover faster, which originated in china, is now one of the most commonly consumed teas all over the world, many of the people enjoy the green tea taste it may have more benefits than common tea and it is help become a healthier and fights some type diseases, I has been heard several times that green tea is very good for our health. We all get to read various things on the health benefits of green tea. Green tea has many healthy benefits there are it processes anticancer, anti mutagenic and antioxidant properties, green tea protects against chronic disease and reduce blood pressure and the subsequent risk of stroke or coronary heart disease, green tea is beneficial in reducing obesity and blood glucose levels, since ancient times, green tea has been used as a remedy for diarrhea and typhoid. Scientists also believe that green tea may protect against helicobacter pylori infections, owing to its ability to resist oxidants and radicals, green tea is believed to strengthen the immune system, green tea is instrumental in organ protection as well- it reduces the risk of renal stones and development of cataracts, green tea’s anti inflammatory actions make it a useful adjunct in treating emergent conditions like bee stings. Its antioxidants properties can also help after excessive alcohol consumption, conditions like Parkinsonism, Alzheimer’s and other neurodenertive diseases also stand to gain from regular green tea consumption, green tea has antioxidants protect against cancer, prevents clogging of the arteries & lowers cholesterol burns fat and its excellent source of antioxidants, it’s used burns your fat and allows you to exercise for longer, it prolongs your life, it reduces stress and boosts brain power, it produces high blood pressure, this tea used one of the main ingredients in our skinny me tea loose - leaf, it helps protect your liver from alcohol and it helps prevent tooth decay then cures bad breathing, it helps preserve build bone then boosts your immunity against illness and provide rehydrates you better than water.

Health benefits of Green Tea
Green tea has excellent source antioxidants that are why this is reduce your risk of different type of cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colorectal cancer and also have different type of health benefits there are given listed below….
Gives protects against cancer, lowers cholesterol, prevents cavities, protects against heart disease, speeds metabolism, prevents diabetes, antiviral agent, maintains a healthy circulatory system, strengthen tooth enamel, reduces plaque and bacteria in your mouth, prevents dementia, full of antioxidants, prevents food poisoning, gives healthy skin, prevents bad breath, detoxifies,, speed up weight loss, prevents Alzheimer’s, helps fighting infections, lowers severity of rheumatoid arthritis, reduces the risk of heart diseases, reduces effects of obstructive sleep apnea, reduces stress and depression

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