Wednesday, 25 November 2015

How to get soft & smoothie skin

How to get soft & smoothie skin

Men& women all are interested about soft and smooth skin, if you have rough, patchy skin? So why are late follow these tips and get soft& glowing skin and these steps are used to reduce pimples, wrinkles, and blemishes problems.

Different type of creams, moisturizers, lotions, face washes are available in markets in high expansive but these products are not good to your skin why because this all things high in chemicals, which is damaged your natural skin and some creams are very useful but that is very expansive that’s why we are all take natural beauty tips lets follow these tips and get soft and glowing skin.

Water is very important to get your skin soft, drink plenty of water daily it is used to get smooth and glowing skin, this more water helps to and remove your body toxins & waste and also take fruits& vegetables plenty of amount daily, wash your face daily two times it used to get a soft skin. Drink high amount of lemon juice it is used to cleanse your skin and remove spots &scars, remove dead skin cells then your skin go to smooth& fresh. Take fresh lemon juice and apply this on your face and leave it 10 or 15 minutes then clean with warm water this is used make your skin softly and also have one another face tip with lemon, take a cup of lemon juice with the 1 egg white and apply this paste on your face stay 15 minutes then clean with the light warm water follow these tip twice a week then you defiantly got soft skin. Tomatoes are used to skin toner and it can also help remove dark marks and pimples, grind fresh tomato, take this paste and apply on your face stay it 15 minutes after remove this when you feel dry this. Honey is also used to got your skin smoothie, this is a very simple tip to got good& soft skin, apply honey your face leave it 10 minutes then wash your face with cool water and do this tip twice a when then you got soft and shiny skin without any side effects and also have 2nd Honey tip, mix egg white with honey and apply this paste 20 minutes on your face.

Use tea tree oil remove acne and kill that type of bacteria, some peoples has oily skin and acne problems this is good remedy for who have these type problems. Aloe Vera is wonderful natural ingredient to got soft skin, these Aloe Vera is used to reduces your wrinkles apply this gel on your face daily it is used moisturize your skin gently.
Carrot also leads the important role of getting soft & glowing skin, which have high in Vitamin C and antioxidants eat one raw carrot on your daily basis it It is used to glowing your skin, soften skin and improve your skin healthy and also carrots have anti – aging properties that’s why we suggested this natural tips let’s hope your follow this tips.

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