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Castor oil having amazing beauty benefits

 Castor oil having amazing beauty benefits

Castor oil

Castor oil is used many health and beauty benefits, Castor oil uses to make your eyes smoothe, which can use to remove tiredness from around your eyes and also remove blcakness of your eyes under. It works look like a petroleum jelly without the chemicals and side effects. Apply caster oil before going to bed time it can be work very effeciency then absorve the results.

Castor oil is use to make your hair healthy, Take castor oil on a bowl, warm up the little bit of temperature then apply your scalp and gently massage with the fingers then it can be used growth you hair stamina, keep your scalp healthy and also use to improve your blood circulation on the scalp and it is used to condition to your hair without any high expansive. Castor oil contains high in omega fatty acids these two are used to encourage healthy hair growth. Castor oil is treat anti dandruff without any side effects & hair fall problem why because which have high in anti-fungal, anti-bacterial these properties are used to clean your scalp and remove dandruff. Apply this castor oil before 30 min going to bathing then result will come more effectively. 

Castor oil is use for arthritis pain reliever, mix turmeric powder & castor oil massage with the castor oil where you feel pain in joints and rub smoothly with the fingers. Drink castor oil mix with the combination of the table spoon of orange juice it will use to treat bowels problem. Castor oil contains high property of anti aging properties which is used to reduces wrinkels on your face and under the eyes, apply castor oil on directly on your face then skin makes soft and youthfully and also these can be used hair regrowth in the blade area and it is also very used for dry skin, castor oil also used to lip balm then your lips make a soft & brighten and these oil is used to treat acne& pimples, rub some amount of castor oil on your eyebrows then which makes thikness eyebrows.

Beauty benefits of castor oil

  • Castor oil used to remove your hair loss problem
  • Treat your scalp and make healthy
  • Improve blood cicrulation in scalp
  • Make your skin healthy and treat pimples problem
  • Castor oil is used to reduces your skin wrinkles and also treat eye underline, moisterizes your skin.
  • Which makes your eye brows thickness
  • Castor oil is used to hair re - growth treatment in the blade areas and also used to anti dandruff treatment.
  • Heals sunburned skin and also protect from UV rays
  • Reduces inflamation

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